“I will write”…again.

There are things that can sometimes terribly  demoralize and break every value or burning zeal  we  would have inculcated in our the course of our walk with the Lord.Yes, it indeed happens.In the rocky path we walk to get the promised eternal Canaan  such things are bound.Even to this day we still get angry and do just like Moses,We cast and break every thing we have taken pains and  time to write with the Lord for ” forty days”, our one moment’s act brings down all what we had built and on which many had believed, A good number of Christians haven’t gotten to that point, thank God . Our post to such will only serve as a useful foreknowledge or an Avant guard .
The experience of Moses can be of value,should we one day get  entangled in the web of similar circumstances.

After discovering that the people he has been carrying like a burden has become wayward,just like a wife,a child, friend , the church or just anything else would let us down, Moses, overwhelmed by anger and fraustration casts into pieces the two tablets of the covenant he had spent days and nights buildings with God 

God being an all knowing God knows and understands how  we would feel during those kinds of moments.A number of people in such moments, have hurriedly left God after a series of “why” questions.

Moses’ falling ” down before Yaweh” for forty days and nights challenges us to wait on God,to stick to Him whatever the magnitude of our situation, for it is  then that the Lord turns to anyone as in the case of Moses with those words ” I will write on the tablets the words that were on the first tablets…” Deut.10:2.

Job got the same result by patiently looking up to God.A complete restoration of his health, and property thanks to his tenacity.

 “I will write …”.No don’t give up! Here the word of the Lord for you oh Mose” 1 …I will write on the tables the words that were in the first tables which thou brakest, and thou shalt put them in the ark.” Deuteronomy 10:2. Hallelujah! The Lord knows how, when  and  where to step in and fix up things ” stand still and know that I the Lord  I am God”, David insisted,and that stands out as the winning formula in times of adversity.

There are waves of adversity, sickness of the body, heavy loss financial or material, strong opposition or the Pauline type of persecutions etc.which can push us to the point of not only breaking the tablets of the covenant up at the mountain,but can equally cause us to go even far down to the valley and feel like or do the negatively unexpected. Falling down and resisting in prayer, holding firm to what God defined himself to be can prevent things from degenerating.

I came down the mountain just the other day,a number of things got me going almost away from the Lord.I shattered the tablets that were in my hands, there was little or nothing around me left to keep me,I hadn’t wisdom enough to fall on my face to cry out to God nor the fortitude quietly wait on Him.But he stepped in with this scripture (Deut.10:2), since then He has been writing again on the tablets of my heart,So I thought I should obligatorily share it without any waste of time. Shalom!


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